314 Route 539, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 uftnjadmin@uftnj.com
314 Route 539, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 uftnjadmin@uftnj.com
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The Assessor’s Office is responsible for establishing real property valuation for the purpose of maintaining fair assessments (at market value) of all properties. Reassessments are performed annually (see right side bar for additional information) to be sure that taxes are distributed accurately and uniformly across all ratable properties within the municipality. ** It is important to note that assessments are based on 100% market value, therefore you can expect that if you have recently purchased a home, your new assessment will be reflective of your sales price.** Additional responsibilities include the discovery, location, listing and description of all real property, farmland assessment, handling of deductions, exemptions, tax map maintenance, 200’ property ownership lists, assessment appeals, and any and all inquiries about the assessment function. This office strives to keep the public well informed on all assessment matters.


Farmland Applications  were mailed and are due August 1, 2024


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Frequently Asked Questions

Deductions, Forms, Links

Deductions, Forms, Links, Frequently Asked Questions

2023 RATIO:  100%

2023 TAX RATE: 2.221

(prior year tax rate: 2.271)

2023 AVG ASSESSED HOME: $596,800

Important Deadlines

Tax Appeal Filing:
January 15th

(Postcard Notification is November 15th)

Added Assessment Tax Appeal Filing:
December 1st

Farmland Assessment Filing:
August 1st

UFT Inspections / Annual Reassessment

Please note that 20% of the municipality is inspected annually, each home to be inspected once every five (5) years. This is for data collection so we can keep the property records correct. We have hired the firm Realty Data Systems (RDS) to perform these inspections. Your patience is appreciated during this process and we ask that you do not hesitate to contact this office with any questions or concerns. It is extremely important that you allow an interior inspection to ensure that we have the correct data on your property. If you are not home during the inspection, a door tag will be left with a phone number to call to make an appointment for a follow-up inspection.

As part of this process, we do annual reassessments (an internal process) to keep assessments at market value. This does not necessarily mean an increase in taxes. This process redistributes the tax burden to keep residents from paying more or less than their fair share.