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314 Route 539, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 uftnjadmin@uftnj.com
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  • Farm
  • 10.00 KW  Solar PV & Battery Installation
  • Contractor-Installed January 2007
  • Total Project Cost: $90,000
  • NJ “CORE” Rebate: $53,000

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Column Service Title

“We have always been conservation minded and this was the ideal solution for our need to have back-up power when the electric grid goes down. We have livestock and they need water and it seemed that power was always down in worst weather. The alternatives of back-up generators were problematic and the cost of the solar system was reasonably close to a diesel generator system . Now we never worry about the well losing power or the furnace or sump pump failing in the worst storms. Total win-win for us and the environment. The SREC’s were a great bonus as well.”

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