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Renewable Energy

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In April 2008, a Renewable Energy Initiative was discussed during the monthly meeting. A special presentation (see below) was made by a resident of the township who had amassed data from various sources that showed unequivocal interest exists in Upper Freehold in the area of renewable energy. Sources such as solar and bio-mass are readily available in the township. Crop residues, if they were collected and the appropriate processing facilities were built — even on a small scale — could provide additional locally-generated energy as well as provide additional economic value to the residents and the township. Biodiesel production could be supported. (10/28/13: See article on this, link below.)

Bio-Diesel May Become A New Manufacture in New Jersey

There are many opportunities for township residents, farmers, commercial ventures, and industrialists to get involved in the initiative. This part of the EAC website will showcase projects that are being planned or have already been implemented. It will also contain references, resources, and links that offer additional education on the subject.

The following link takes you to a “Showcase” of some of the nearly 2 dozen renewable energy installations (PV electric, water heating, space heating, and pool heating) that are currently operational in the township. Additional projects will be added as project owners make their information available!

To view Showcase Page Click here

Energy Alternatives in Upper Freehold Township

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